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Improving data collection, analytics, and decision support for industry

Oil and Gas

Downstream facilities are using drones for chimney and flare inspection, asset tracking, and security.  Midstream operations are conducting regular remote inspections of pipelines and investigating alarms or reports of incidents to ascertain which experts to deploy. Upstream operations are dispersing drones throughout their fields to reduce the number of regular visits to well pads saving valuable travel time.


These are a few short applied applications for drones:


  • Surveying construction sites – capture data easily and accurately

  • Survey Dangerous Areas – like collapsed tunnels or buildings

  • Monitor Jobsites – have complete site visibility


Drone live streams of tower inspections simultaneously and securely transmitted to multiple experts for any individual owner of a tower-mounted asset or to multiple owners for shared towers greatly increases the cost-effectiveness of the inspection.  Providing the tower technicians already on staff the added ability to safely deploy and supervise drones without the need for a third-party both increases the job satisfaction and the cost-effectiveness of the on-site resource.


Inspections of assets such as solar fields, high-voltage transmission assets (towers, power lines, and substations), wastewater facilities, and other distributed assets are now possible by experts operating remotely with the high definition video stream to the experts who simultaneously control the video perspective and zoom level in real-time.  Local technicians ensure the safety of the operation by maintaining visual line-of-sight and having access to master controls to aid in the safe, successful completion of the operation.

Mining &


Cost and time savings are being realized via the use of drones in the processes for both above-ground mines and aggregate processing facilities.  Post-processing of video and thermal sensor data from automated, defined flight patterns provides information never before available to these operators.  Live streaming and operational expert control of the drones greatly enhances the safety and cost effectiveness of the use of drones.


Drone Photography Services’ commercial quadcopter drones can fly an average of 60-80 acres in around 20 minutes without the need to land.  We carry spare pre-charged batteries on each job.  It only takes a few minutes to change the battery and get back in the air. So we are able to fly all day with very little disruption.

What makes our drones specific for agriculture is the ability of the modified drone camera to produce real NDVI agriculture imagery.  NDVI is a vegetation index that is used to detect plant stress, ground moisture, irrigation issues, weeds, crop disease and compare vegetation conditions in various areas of a crop.

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