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Back Up and Disaster Recovery 

How much downtime can your business afford?  Statistics show that businesses impacted by a disaster seldom recover. Those without an effective plan to quickly get back up and running typically do not reopen.


"It makes sense to protect your investment."

One of the easiest ways to disaster-proof your business is to place your key computing systems in a colocation facility. Specifically built to withstand natural and man-made disasters like floods, tornadoes, and fires, housing your servers in one of Nfinitech's Partner Data Centers ensures your business can keep running.

The Data Centers are uniquely equipped to offer businesses colocation space in increments as small as 1 Rack Unit - we have even the smallest business need covered.


With 24/7/365 event monitoring, fully redundant power supplies and connectivity, our partner Colocations are geographically redundant data centers stand up to the worst of conditions – providing security and stability that go beyond on-premise solutions.

For those with aging infrastructure or planning on purchasing servers,


Cloud Servers offer substantial capital expense savings, faster time to deploy, and the ability to grow your business.

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