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Why Choose Nfinitech

Solutions Corp. Consulting?

01.  Why Choose Nfinitech Solutions Corp?


Nfinitech Solutions Corp. is a highly trusted "People First" local business IT solutions provider with consults with over 7,000 businesses in the states of California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, New York,  New Jersey, and Nevada.


Nfinitech Solutions has done business Consultations virtual for companies in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Hawaii just to name a few more. 

02. What other IT Services Does Nfinitech offer ?

Nfinitech Solutions Corp. offers Managed Security, Data Center, Colocation, Back up as a Service, Cloud Services, and Point of Sale and Merchant Payment Processing systems. Contact us today and we will work on the solution tailored to your needs. 

03. Why Choose Nfinitech when I can go direct with Provider?

Nfinitech Solutions Corp. is an authorized provider with additional services such as monitoring and support.  Monitoring and support we call the provider as soon as an issue arises and work on the solution.  Nfinitech Solutions shops for the best provider pricing for your business at no cost to the business owner. 

04. Customer Service

Nfinitech Solutions Corp. is committed to offering the best customer service in the industry.  Customizing solutions to meet your business needs. It all starts with knowledge and then execution at the highest level of support. 

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